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Ljers4president has no oath of office! Oh crap. Any clever someone wanna write up an Oath of Office for this and all future swearings in of the Eljay president? If more than one person comes up with one, we'll take it to a vote.


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According to the rules by which cdaae was elected to office she is the new president of Eljay and will remain so until October 2006. Here, during the month of October she can defend her right continue as Madamn President with wit and many lolsome photoshops. All hail cdaae!

*Hail to the Chief*

PS. who is the new vice-president?

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How I really seriously got a free ipod

So, by now, you've probably heard about a place
called freeipods.com. However, you've probably been quick to write it
off as a scam. But is it really? Just a few days ago, I opened up my door to
find a UPS guy with this (in a box, of course):

I was shocked. I couldn't believe it actually worked. Thus, for those curious,
I will explain how it's done. Or, if you'd rather, you can try for a Free Notebook :P

In mid-July I was tipped off about freeipods.com. It is very similar to a
pyramid scam, in that the earlier you know about it, the better your chances
are. The difference, though, is that this requires no money, and thus only
wastes your time. That was my thought when I first noticed it: “Even if
there’s a 10% chance of me getting an ipod, i’m just wasting a little time, and
giving my email up to spammers.” Thus, I went around this very internet and
promoted my referral link. Here’s what you have to do:

-Sign up for one of their promotional offers

-Get five people to sign up for their promotional offers using your referral

That’s it! There is no requirement that you have to stay with whatever offer
you signed up for. I signed up for Aol and cancelled a week later. So, by 7/27 I had completed my offer
and gotten five people to do the same. Two weeks after that, though, nothing
had changed and I stopped visiting the site. Dissapointing, but it wasn’t
surprising, who would expect to really get a free ipod from such little work? I
wrote it off as a failed experiment and went on my way. But then, on that
fateful day of 8/23, a box from ecost.com (their supplier) came to my doorstep.

I couldn’t believe it!

And so, easy as that, I had a free 4th generation 20 GB ipod. And, according to
that first picture, it holds about 4800 of my songs. Awesome! So, here are some
tips from someone who got their free ipod:

  • Only do this if you’re
    good at cancelling things!
    You will definitely want to cancel whatever
    offer you sign up for as they’re not really worth keeping, unless you’ve
    been meaning to sign up for columbia house.

  • It’s a lot harder than it
    Don’t expect to get a freeipod, it’s much harder than you might
    think to get five people to sign up for something. Your best bet is if you
    have family and friends who would do it just to help you out.

  • Don’t cheat!! You can
    only sign up once! I saw a lot of accounts of people who tried to cheat
    using multiple email addresses or they had multiple credit cards. It
    doesn’t work! And it won’t count! You need unique mailing addresses tied
    to each card that signs up. 

So of course, since it cost nothing, it was totally worth it to me. It’s really
difficult to get people to sign up, but I did it and i have a damned free ipod
now! You’ll notice i didn’t actively link freeipods; i’m hoping any hopefuls
for freeipods will post their link in the comments. Make sure, if you’re
signing up, to be nice and use someone’s referral link! Help “a brother” out as
they say. Once again the site is, freeipods.com. Sign up and if you have any questions, feel free to axe me.

oh, and here’s a great article from wired on freeipods/ecost/gratis: Making
Free IPods Pay Off




LJihadists celebrate their victory in the Second Annual LiveJournal
Presidential Election

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That's right, and it's gonna be just like having only one mod, since we all know ghostlight and volpex are the same person. As for the rest of next year, well, that's next year. It's been a year hard fought, and I -- as well as a few others I know -- are looking forward to a good long vacation away from all of you.