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Eljay Elections 2005

Enter At Your Own Risk!

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Created by paigegirl

This community was created in 2004 to satirize the 2004 US presidential election, allowing livejournalers to run mock campaigns to entertain themselves and others, with a vote at the end culminating at one livejournaler being awarded the title of "LiveJournal President" for a year. While what defines humor varies, this is not a pointless "dick around and be funny" community, it was created and still exists to satirize a defined theme. The fact that you're given a loose leash on how to operate within that theme only clouds the percieved point of the community, not the actual point. "Jokes" that are outside the theme or that derive their humor from trolling the community are fair game to be removed. If that bores you, create your own community that is explicitly open about having a pointless "dick around and be funny" theme, and that does not allow minors to join.

Rules of Engagement
1) Posting another persons real life contact/info will get you banned.
2) Attempts to influence a maintainer/owner against other members of the community, ie. someone tries to get an opponent banned or just someone they dislike (via AIM, YIM, email or any other mode) are prohibited.
3) You may belong to one party only.
4) No hardcore porn, either posted or linked to. This community has persons under the age of 18 nuff said.
5) Posting links or viruses that might damage someones computer, obviously prohibited and will get you banned.
6) Complaining to LJAbuse about a non-harmful ljers4president prank will get you banned.

The 2nd Annual LiveJournal Presidential Race
Opening Day: August 1st

Dirty deeds, rumors and partisanship rules the day!

Unseat The Goat: 2004 UserInfo

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Associated Communities

jakusx LJdotCOM Critical Research Engaging Every Politician... or: C.R.E.E.P. ljers4president's representative
from the alternative media and conspiracy theorist, like
a liberal Michael Savage!

jonathanfox Furry candidate turned pundit!
This community is in desperate need of some
Fair and Balanced reporting, FOX News style.
I intend to fill that gap.
Fox News: Fair And Balanced
Today's update centers around the news and scandals surrounding the campaign of communazi candidate rfjason.
HEADLINE NEWS: SLAPTHATDONKEY WINS RFJASON VP. Election Riddled With Fraud; Rival Presidential Candidate will63 implicated.

Want to commission a poll?
Need to know numbers to better formulate your campaign strategy?
Then contact catsluvdmb's LJ Pollster Services!
This Livejournal Press poll brought to you by Halliburton and the letter Q. Have you decided who you will be voting for?


What, you expect me to have a platform?

The Bland Faceless Party just wants your votes,
then you won't hear from them again

We are LOLBERTARIANS and run on the platform that you're all faggots.

Vote Goat + Theme music!

Official Declaration of War

My fellow MINIONS!

Vote Penguineater!

Sorry, bitches, this election is OVER.
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